Five Questions for Chris Attrell, author of Forgotten Saskatchewan

Five Questions for Chris Attrell, author of Forgotten Saskatchewan

Chris Attrell sm

 1. What inspired you to pursue photography as a career?

My inspiration for getting into photography started when I was very young, but I got fully into it when I began exploring back roads of western Canada, seeking out ghost towns and abandoned buildings.

2. What is the attraction you have to abandoned and "forgotten" properties?

The main attraction for abandoned places is the history and stories. The architecture that makes them great to photograph is a very close second.


MacIntyre Purcell Publishing launches two books with a focus on Nova Scotia

Paul Bennett Elaine McClusky

Global News Halifax chats with author Paul Bennett about his new book Turning Points and Elaine McCluskey about her contribution to the book My Nova Scotia Home before their dual book launch at Halifax Central Library on May 23, 2019.

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"Savory and Sentimental"

OOOOKitchens CTV01

Lindy Mechefske joins CTV News Ottawa's Leanne Cusak to talk about Ontario's fascinating history of food and cooking. 

OOOOKitchens CTV02

They also take a look at some of the historical snippets and recipes inside Lindy's book, Out of Old Ontario Kitchens.

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Five Questions for Paul W. Bennett, author of Turning Points

Five Questions for Paul W. Bennett, author of Turning Points

Author photo Paul W Bennett  

What inspired you to write the book?

Seeking to know everything about where I live comes instinctively, as does a marked tendency to absorb its local history, politics, and culture. Writing Canadian history textbooks in the mid-1980s and teaching high school history for four decades deepened my understanding of Nova Scotia's shifting status in the emerging Canadian state. Wherever I've lived in Canada, it's been like an immersion course for me. History and historical consciousness inform my thinking on so many issues and that's why I find poking around in Nova Scotia's past so fascinating.


Lindy Mechefske brings Out of Old Ontario Kitchen's to Rogers TV

OOO Ontario Kitchens on ROgers TV

Lindy Mechefske recently appeared on Rogers TV Daytime with Dylan Black. She talks about her book Out of Old Ontario Kitchen's and brings along some dishes and drinks and some interesting, old school, cooking tools.

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