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Local photographer Adam Paris shows off a book he helped publish that shows off abandoned locations in Kentucky. | Photo provided

By Meghann Richardson, SEPTEMBER 5, 2022

Three Kentucky photographers have published a book of photographs showing abandoned locations throughout the Commonwealth. The Abandoned Kentucky publication comprises photos and text from local Adam Paris along with Sherman Cahal and Michael Maes.

“All of us are prolific contributors and volunteer our time moderating the ‘Abandoned Kentucky’ Facebook group, which we’ve been a part of for years and has grown to over 400,000 members,” Paris said.

Steve McManus, founder of the Abandoned Kentucky group, reached out to Cahal last year regarding a publisher that was interested in having a book composed of abandoned locations in Kentucky.

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Book based on Facebook group is a blast from the past

LongIsland Cover2828

A new book, titled “Hey Long Island Do U Remember?,” tells stories about the island’s history.

Posted Wednesday, August 31, 2022 12:00 am

Mariana Dominguez, The Long Island Advance

Since it was first created 14 years ago, the Facebook group “Hey Long Island Do U Remember?” has grown to 160,000 strong. The group was created and is run by Stacy Mandel Kaplan, Kimberly Towers, Scott J. Mandel and Jordan Kaplan. Recently, the quartet worked together to write a book that tells stories of Long Island’s history.

Mandel Kaplan said that the Facebook group began as a way to connect and share memories with friends, and that if you had told her when they began how big it would grow, she would not have believed you.

The image-driven book tells a story on each page that is interesting and informative. The group worked on the book during the pandemic, with Mandel Kaplan saying it took them about eight months to compile the photos and stories they wanted to feature.

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Hey Long Island Do You Remember 700x574

Reviewed by Jeffrey Sanzel

Looking for an entertaining summer read? A lightweight coffee table book? A terrific celebration of Long Island? Written by Stacy Mandel Kaplan, Kimberly Towers, Scott J. Mandel, and Jordan Kaplan, Hey Long Island … Do U Remember? (MacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc.) is a fun, informative tome, blending a diverse collection of photos with fascinating anecdotes. The project began in 2008 when the authors started a Facebook group for the sharing of pictures and the history of Long Island. The group has since grown to more than 159,000 members. 

The book opens with a quick Long Island overview — a did you know?: geography, legal status, etc. Following this, the authors present a brief timeline, beginning with Long Island’s formation from a glacier in 19,000 BC and quickly working up to December 14, 2020, when the first vaccine was given in the United States, at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, in New Hyde Park. This thumbnail sketch sites the building of the Long Beach Boardwalk (1914); The Big Duck, off Route 24, in Flanders (1931); Levittown, the first modern American suburb (1947); the invention of the first video game (1958); the Blizzard of 1978; and the founding of the Long Island Ducks baseball team (2000), among other particulars.

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Chris Attrell

Photographer Chris Attrell signs a copy of his new photo book about old grain elevators during his visit to the Swift Current Museum, 


Photographer Chris Attrell’s ongoing fascination with old structures and buildings on the prairie landscape has resulted in the publication of his second photo book.

Grain Elevators: Beacons of the Prairies features around 140 images of wooden grain elevators photographed across western Canada during different seasons and at night and day.

The 128 pages hardcover book is published by MacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc. It contains Attrell’s full-colour images as well as text written by Christine Hanlon about the history of these prairie sentinels.

Attrell spoke about his passion for photography and his two published works during a presentation at the Swift Current Museum, Feb. 9. He also spoke afterwards to local media about his latest book.

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Tunes and Wooden Spoons Final SM

Tunes and Wooden Spoons by Mary Janet MacDonald tops the list of Nova Scotia's top-selling books in the 2021 ROUND UP: Top Five Local Sellers From Chapters-Coles-Indigo In Each Atlantic Province.

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