Five Questions with Joel Jeffrey

Five Questions for Joel Jeffrey, author of Great Saskatchewan Joke Book

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1. What made you want to have a career in comedy?

I always wanted to be a doctor, but then I heard laughter was the best medicine so I decided to become a comedian instead.

2. Who is your favourite comedian and why?
Jerry Seinfeld has always been my hero. He's two things I aspire to be — a wordsmith and rich.


Five Questions for Philip Croucher, author The Three Stars

Five Questions for Philip Croucher, author The Three Stars


1. Nova Scotia is a comparatively small province yet we have produced three of the best hockey players in the sport today. Why do you think that is?

Two things stand out. First is Sidney Crosby. He's a once in a generational type of superstar and is showing through his hard work and dedication what is possible for people in this province. Secondly, the emergence of the QMJHL in Atlantic Canada has allowed talented players in our region to get more attention and to have a realistic goal to shoot for as a teenager.

2. You have written several books about hockey, with The Three Stars being the latest. What is it about the sport that attracts you as a writer?

Hockey is my favourite sport to watch and cover as a journalist so it's a perfect transition to now be writing books about our great players locally. I love to be able to tell their stories.


Photographer captures isolated nooks of Saskatchewan

Story by Jayda Noyes, The Prince Albert Daily Herald, Oct. 1, 2019

Chris Attrell Photo

This image of a house southeast of Blaine Lake appears in Chris Attrell's book Forgotten Saskatchewan. It was shot with a tea light placed in the attic, "creating a hauntingly beautiful ambience," the books reads (photo courtesy of Chris Attrell)

"Given the chance to vacation in Hawaii or cruise Saskatchewan backroads, I would still choose cruising Saskatchewan."  

Chris Attrell has spent the last 16 years exploring and capturing the unrecognized pieces of Saskatchewan beauty. 

His collection of photographs of abandoned farmhouses, churches, grain elevators and vehicles come together in his new booked called Forgotten Saskatchewan. It was published this past August.

The book is meant as a glimpse into traditional lifestyles Attrell learned about while exploring the province.

Click here to read the full article in the Prince Albert Daily Herald 

Swift Current Online: Shaunavon Photographer Showcasing Saskatchewan History

chris attrell sept 18 judy mccabe

Chris Attrell with his book "Forgotten Saskatchewan". Photo by Judy McCabe

 His book, featuring a large number of these photographs, done in night or low light photography, is called "Forgotten Saskatchewan" and is on sale now.

Chris talked about his love of photography, "Well, I've been photographing old historical buildings all over Saskatchewan since I moved here, and, over time, I've obviously improved in my photography and developing a taste for night photography and low light photography. So, I sort of combined my enjoyment of visiting these places with these really neat ways of photographing them and showcasing all these buildings all over the province."


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