Tunes and spoons Love wWthout Measure

1. The first book was very popular so why did you decide to do a follow up book this year?   

Besides wanting to share some other recipes from family and friends, I believed it would be a great opportunity to pay tribute to some very special ladies who were the backbone of their families.

2.     What makes this book different from the first one? 

The first book focused mostly on recipes that I absolutely love to make for my family and friends plus gave me an opportunity to share my family story and my culture with everyone. This book, Love Without Measure, shares many recipes from family, cousins, and friends, and of course, gave a chance for me to shed light on some wonderful women — some I already knew or are related to, but some I've come to know throughout this journey of “Tunes and Wooden Spoons.”

3.     It is often said that one of the best ways to understand the culture of any place is through its food. What can the recipes in Love Without Measure teach us about Cape Breton? 

Cape Breton hospitality is something many visitors can relate to. We love to say, “Come on in, have a seat at the table, and let me put the teapot on!” We want people to feel at home and enjoy their stay. The recipes in this book are just that — comfort food — and we want everyone to bake any of the recipes and share with their families and friends, and listen to their favourite musical artist.       

4.     How did you choose the 12 women featured in Love Without Measure?

I wanted to try and focus on ladies from most of the communities along the western side of Cape Breton Island, including representatives of the Gaelic, Dutch, Mi’kmaq, and French Acadian cultures. I also wanted them to be those mostly in their eighties and nineties with lots of life experiences.


5.     Do you have a favourite recipe in this book?

Each and every recipe in the book is connected to me in some way, but I'm so happy to include one recipe from my late mother who passed away in 1955 at the age of 37. I found her recipe for Lemon Crumble Squares and I love that even though she's been gone for so many years, that she will live on in this recipe book.