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1. Your first book, Abandoned Alberta, was very popular. What made you decide to do a second volume featuring more images from throughout Alberta?  

The amazing response to the first book made me want to explore even more of Alberta. As word of the book spread, I kept receiving invitations to photograph locations, and receiving tips about buildings. I had to photograph so many of them to preserve their history. It was also a great excuse to explore other parts of the province that I had not yet spent a lot of time exploring.

2. What is the hardest you ever worked to get a perfect shot?  

Every shot has its unique challenge. Lighting, access and condition. Night time photos seem, for me, to be the toughest shots to get — staying up late, hoping for a nice clear sky and fighting off the insects.

3. The lighting in your photographs is incredible. Do you ever use flashes or is it all natural light? 

All natural light. I have used light cubes and flashlights for evening and night photography.

4. Is there an Alberta photo you’re still hunting for?  

There are many. There are a few hidden gems in the province that I am searching for — some big houses and unique buildings. There are also a number of old industrial sites that I would love to photograph.

5. What is it about abandoned places that keeps drawing you back to photograph them? 

One answer is simply the beauty and mystery of each and every place. Another answer is the joy the photos bring to people and the memories that they evoke for many, and the stories that get relayed to me.