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'I'm really hoping that, especially a lot of the retirees and people who lived in the areas will be able to come out and say, "oh I remember those kinds of schools. I remember those kind of buildings and just remembered stories of the buildings that they don't see anymore,"' says Chris Attrell. (Supplied/Chris Attrell)

After years of traveling to secluded areas to visit abandoned buildings, finding himself stuck in snow, with flat tires and cracked windshields, a Saskatchewan-based photographer says it was all worth it.

Shaunavon's Chris Attrell was able to combine two of his passions — photography and history — when creating Forgotten Saskatchewan, a 16-year project that concluded last year when the book was published.

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Five Questions for Philip Croucher, author The Three Stars


1. Nova Scotia is a comparatively small province yet we have produced three of the best hockey players in the sport today. Why do you think that is?

Two things stand out. First is Sidney Crosby. He's a once in a generational type of superstar and is showing through his hard work and dedication what is possible for people in this province. Secondly, the emergence of the QMJHL in Atlantic Canada has allowed talented players in our region to get more attention and to have a realistic goal to shoot for as a teenager.

2. You have written several books about hockey, with The Three Stars being the latest. What is it about the sport that attracts you as a writer?

Hockey is my favourite sport to watch and cover as a journalist so it's a perfect transition to now be writing books about our great players locally. I love to be able to tell their stories.


Manitoba Book of Lists Cover SM

You think you know everything about Manitoba? The new book Everything Manitoba will prove you wrong. To find out more click here to read the article by Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson in the Winnipeg Free Press


OOO Ontario Kitchens Cover Gold medal

It's a gold medal for Out of Old Ontario Kitchens by Lindy Mechefske and MacIntyre Purcell Publishing.

Taste Canada announced its 2019 awards presenting Out of Old Ontario Kitchens with gold in the Culinary Narratives category.

"The Culinary Narratives award is given to the best food- or beverage-related narrative written by a Canadian author (or authors). This category may include books exploring culinary history, politics, social awareness, memoir or biography, all relating to food, and may include some representative recipes. In this category, however, recipes (if any) will not be tested. In most cases, the overall style of the book will be narrative, but reference texts will be included in this category as well. The topic or theme need not be Canadian." — Taste Canada Awards

Congratulations to everyone who had a hand in putting this beautiful book together. 

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Manitoba BOE GLobal Winnipeg

Author Christine Hanlon brings her new book Everything Manitoba: The Ultimate Book of Lists to Global News Morning Winnipeg.

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