You Might Be From Saskatchewan If... Volume 2

ISBN 978-1-927097-48-9
Carson Demmans, Jason Sylvestre

They're back. The bestselling authors of You Might Be From Saskatchewan If . . . are back with another belly-laugh inducing look at the Land of the Living Skies. If it is possible, Volume Two is even funnier. From snowblowers to the 13th man to Dick Assman and Prairie Oyster jokes that never get old, it is all here. It is laugh out loud FUNNY.


"No matter where I go, I'll always long for the vast, endless prairie, sparkling snow, and Hawkins' Cheezies. Carson and Jason's hilarious cartoons capture that feeling perfectly. If you are from Saskatchewan, you must buy this book."

— Elaine Will, graphic novelist and Saskatchewan Book Award nominee


"With over a quarter mile of prairie references that include Metro, Ring Road, Street Heart, and Puttnam's Prairie Emporium I can guarantee this book will soon become your ultimate road map to understanding what makes us all love and laugh about our lives in Saskatchewan!"

— Taron Cochrane, music columnist, lyricist, and dog enthusiast

Release Date: July 2014