My Nova Scotia Home

ISBN: 978-1-77276-111-5

My Nova Scotia Home

In this no-holds barred look at the province, writers and personalities captivate and capture the true essence of Nova Scotia.

From these personal accounts of life here, the writers reveal the great joys and small pleasures but also the schisms, foibles, and missed opportunities of a life made in Nova Scotia. By revealing themselves, they make the province larger, more welcoming, more interesting, and certainly more colourful.

This book is proof positive that life really is a search for home.

George Elliott Clarke • Sheldon Currie • Dr. Daniel N. Paul •Silver Donald Cameron • Lesley Choyce • Elaine Mccluskey • Tareq Hadhad (Peace by Chocolate) • Jonathan Torrens • Allan Lynch • Carol Bruneau • Dr. Peter J. Ricketts • Neville Mackay • Chris Benjamin • John J. Guiney Yallop • Theresa Meuse • Vernon Oickle • Ian Colford • Phil Milner • Janet Barkhouse • Janice Landry • Jan L. Coates • Alice Burdick • Monica Graham • Glenna Jenkins • Starr Cunningham • Clara Dugas • Robert Hirtle



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