Cooking with Glo

ISBN 978-1-927097-22-9
Author: Glo McNeill


"If anyone understands the extent to which recipes can be treasures, it's Glo."

—Laura Calder, host of the James Beard Award-winning series French Food at Home which airs on Food Network Canada, and is the author of French Food at Home as well as the bestselling French Taste: Elegant, Everyday, Eating, which won the Cuisine Canada gold medal.


"This is a treasure chest of culinary delights, oddities and staples. One can almost smell the offerings of a family kitchen that's ripe with a history of laughter and love. Glo is every bit as sweet as her delicious desserts. A must read... and DO!"

—Randy Turner, head cook, Canadian Coast Guard, currently on-board the CCGS Louis St. Laurent, Canada's largest icebreaker, spending most of its time in the Arctic Circle.


Cooking with Glo is a return to a dab and a pinch, a dollop and a sprinkle. This is cooking learned at a mother's apron strings; and her mother from her mother. McNeill believes that healthy cooking is social, convivial and accessible, and the recipes contained here are dispensed with a charm, wit and the sage wisdom pulled from a full life. She really is the Mrs. Beeton for our times.