Oak Island a Tale of Two Treasures

Author: Mary Anne Donovan

ISBN: 978-1-9269161-7-0

Oak Island – A Tale of Two Treasures is not a typical treasure island or pirate adventure. Instead, it relays an important message to readers that the most precious gifts in life are usually right before their eyes and that these riches can be found in the magical world of nature.

This book differentiates itself from other environmentally themed children's books because it gently informs the reader about the richness in our environment.  The intent is to enlighten and inspire the readers to go out and look for magic and treasure that surrounds them.

Everyone has their own Oak Island, whether it is their favourite beach, river, hiking trail or playground - an escape from the hustle and bustle of the "real" world, where imaginations can be nurtured and peace found.

Much of the message in this book is not spoken, but illustrated through pencil drawings and sketches, which are playfully organic and rooted in nature's beauty.