Natalie’s Glasses

Author: Steven Rhude
ISBN: 978-1-9269161-6-3

To tell you the truth, and this is no word of a lie, the story of Natalie's Glasses is about learning to see. But then again isn't everything? Natalie Whitman is nine years-old, in grade four, and attends Lunenburg Academy. Natalie's dad and granddad went to the Lunenburg Academy; even her granddad's dad and his granddad went there.

The Lunenburg Academy is the most beautiful school in the most beautiful town in the whole world. When you tell people the Lunenburg Academy is a school, sometimes they don't believe you. Children aren't supposed to go to a school this beautiful. Sometimes, though, Natalie doesn't notice or think of just how beautiful it really is, that is until somebody wants to take it away from her.

I don't think I told you, but Natalie wears glasses. What is important to mention is that she loses her glasses and the funny thing is only then could she see. This is an epic children's journey . . . a journey of discovery and belief in yourself. The spirit of Natalie Whitman triumphs in this battle with adults who just can't see.

Written and Illustrated by Steven Rhude.