Red Coat Brigade

ISBN 978-1-927097-81-6
Vernon Oickle


"Vernon Oickle brings to life the treacherous privateering and divided loyalties that marked America's Revolutionary War as it spilled over onto Nova Scotia's shores. Red Coat is a gripping tale from start to finish, a must read."

—Glenna Jenkins, author of Somewhere I Belong


"This is an historical thriller of the first order. It is a page turner . . . a book you simply won't be able to put down."

— Robert Hirtle, journalist

On a warm, beautiful sunny day in June 1782, the women and young children of the village of Chester come together to defend their still-fledgling settlement against the invading and much more well-armed Americans. Armed only with their cunning and imagination, this rag-tag group of settlers pushed back the marauding intruders without the loss of a single life. In this fictional account of those events, veteran author Vernon Oickle weaves facts and legend to tell a story that has become part of Nova Scotia's heritage and folklore.


Release Date: June 2015