Five Questions for Joel Jeffrey, author of Great Saskatchewan Joke Book

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1. What made you want to have a career in comedy?

I always wanted to be a doctor, but then I heard laughter was the best medicine so I decided to become a comedian instead.

2. Who is your favourite comedian and why?
Jerry Seinfeld has always been my hero. He's two things I aspire to be — a wordsmith and rich.

3. Great Saskatchewan Joke Book is your first book. What was it like to work on the project?
It was really fun. The only downside to writing a joke book is you don't get to enjoy the validation of seeing people laugh at your jokes... so if everyone could video themselves reading my book and then send me those videos, that would be great.

4. They say laughter is the best medicine. Why is laughter so important?
Laughing is one of my favourite things. It has the power to lighten your mood and brighten the course of your day. Laughter can make the most dark or sad circumstances seem manageable. If laughter really is a form of medicine, the part that I find most amazing is that the government hasn't figured out a way to tax us on it yet.

5. Who was the greatest influence in your life?
It has to be my wife. Before she came into my life, I was directionless, poor, and lonely. Now that I'm married, I'm just directionless and poor.