Eastlink TV's Joan McElman releases first recipe collection

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Nick Anderson, a Pulitzer Prize winning and Houston Chronicle cartoonist, recently published a book of cartoons named "You Might Be From Texas if ...

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You Might Be From Texas If...

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Published on November 1, 2015

Dave Elston may be half-joking, but he admits he felt some urgency to finishing You Might Be From Alberta If ... , his illustrated and tongue-in-cheek look at the Wild Rose country's ingrained eccentricities.

After all, it's tough to build a book poking fun of Alberta's red-neck character, political stubbornness and rough-hued rural nature if the province is, as some have optimistically suggested, in the midst of a progressive transformation.

"It's changed a lot and change is accelerating and that's a positive," said Elston, an Edmonton-born, Calgary-raised veteran editorial cartoonist who has lived in the province all 56 of his years. "I don't know, maybe I had to get these out of the way while I could, while they were still somewhat relevant."



Out of Old Saskatchewan Kitchens by Amy Jo Ehman was nominated for the City of Saskatoon and Public Library Saskatoon Book Award. "I know it is a cliché" says Ehman, "but it really is an honour — especially this year — to be nominated."

Out of Old Saskatchewan Kitchens has been a bestseller since in was launched and critic after critic have heaped praise on Ehman's book.

dee Hobsbawn-Smith, chef and award-winning author of Foodshed: An Edible Alberta Alphabet, calls the book a classic, a term she doesn't throw about lightly.

This blending of characters, recipes and stories serves up a menu of home. In the tradition of iconic Canadian food writers Anita Stewart, Marie Nightingale, and Edna Staebler, Amy Jo Ehman has penned a culinary classic.


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Everybody that has seen the artwork in Strange Saskatchewan has gone crazy for it. "It is retro, it is unique, and just plain cool," says Kevin O'Reilly, a designer with more than 30 years experience in the book business.

For MacIntyre Purcell, the working relationship with illustrator and artist Jason Sylvestre is something the firm cherishes. "His range and commitment make it just a pleasure to work with him," says publisher John MacIntyre. "He is smart, funny and deserves national recognition."

Strange Saskatchewan is a delightful and, yes, STRANGE romp through Canada's land of the living skies. Strange Saskatchewan will be available in book stores on June 15th, 2015.