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Introducing Colour Nova Scotia by Julie Anne Babin

Ms. Babin, a graduate of NSCAD, is the artist behind the book. Her art show at 21st Century Billiards Club was extraordinary for its diversity and range and introduced her as an important new Canadian talent. Ms. Babin is also the illustrator behind the bestselling book Strange Nova Scotia.

Award winning author S.B. Borgersen, says, "Julie Anne Babin captures the province's visual essence in this book, giving others the chance to complete the images in their own way."

Film critic and broadcaster Richard Crouse says "Colour Nova Scotia is a special book, a reminder of the history and sense of fun that makes the province such a unique and wonderful place."

The book is 70 pages of beautiful and brilliant scenes from throughout the province; so get out your coloured pencils and get to work.


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"Becoming completely engrossed in Where the Rivers Meet is easier than one may anticipate, so don't be surprised when you find yourself in your comfy chair only to realize that hours have gone by..." -Ryan Gallant, The Chronicle Herald

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This past weekend Eastlink held a special launch for Joan McElman's new cookbook Welcome to My Kitchen.

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Joan is the long-time host of Eastlink TV's highest rated show Wecome to My Kitchen. Now taping it's 34th season the show has developed a diverse fan base of all ages, many of whom turned out to meet Joan. Pictured (L to R) Michael Smith, Eastlink vice president along with Joan and John Macintyre of MacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc.



5 Questions for Danny Gillis, Where the Rivers Meet

1. When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Danny: I wrote a number of articles for magazines while I was living among tribal people in the Philippines. One was about a wild boar hunt. Another was about the organizing of a logging blockade to stop deforestation. It felt good and important to put these experiences into print.

2. What inspired you to write this book?

Danny: Fifteen years ago, when I returned home to Antigonish, Nova Scotia, after many years of being abroad, my earliest memories came flooding back. I just had to write about them.


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