Author Vernon Oickle puts Hot Country 103.5's Ian Robinson's knowledge of Nova Scotia to the test. 

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If you're from Nova Scotia and love trivia then this is the book for you!

Local author Vernon Oickle from Liverpool, Nova Scotia, come up with 1000 questions in his latest offering called "So You Think You Know Nova Scotia: The Ultimate Bluenoser Quiz Book."

Being a life-long Bluenoser myself, even I had a job answering some of these questions.

Vernon quizzed me on a few and you can hear how I did below:

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And there's much more from which famed American gangster was said to be a regular visitor to a small fishing village on the province's South Shoe during the era of prohibition, to what Nova Scotia bank was said to have been the site of the first recorded bank robbery in North America in 1861.

Find them all in the book that's a great way to try out any Bluenoser's knowledge of "Canada's Ocean Playground!"


 Halifax, NS, Canada / Hot Country 103.5

Ian Robinson

Nov 9, 2021 | 12:40 PM