Five Questions for Philip Croucher, author The Three Stars


1. Nova Scotia is a comparatively small province yet we have produced three of the best hockey players in the sport today. Why do you think that is?

Two things stand out. First is Sidney Crosby. He's a once in a generational type of superstar and is showing through his hard work and dedication what is possible for people in this province. Secondly, the emergence of the QMJHL in Atlantic Canada has allowed talented players in our region to get more attention and to have a realistic goal to shoot for as a teenager.

2. You have written several books about hockey, with The Three Stars being the latest. What is it about the sport that attracts you as a writer?

Hockey is my favourite sport to watch and cover as a journalist so it's a perfect transition to now be writing books about our great players locally. I love to be able to tell their stories.

3. You feature three of Nova Scotia's best hockey players in your book. In one word, how would you describe each of them?

Sidney Crosby: Unbelievable. Nathan MacKinnon: Driven. Brad Marchand: Deserving.

4. Obviously, you follow the Nova Scotia hockey scene very closely. Is there someone coming up in the system that we should be keeping our eye on?

Matthew Stienburg was the top Nova Scotian taken in the 2019 NHL draft and when finished at Cornell University, he could make the jump to the big team in Colorado.

5. Do you want to take a stab at predicting who will win the Stanley Cup this coming season?

Boston beats Colorado in an epic seven-game Stanley Cup showdown with Brad Marchand and Nathan MacKinnon leading the way.