Non-fiction Books

Vancouver Island: Imagine

ISBN 978-1-927097-29-8
Boomer Jerritt, Peter Grant

You Might Be From Nova Scotia If...

ISBN 978-1-927097-39-7
Author: Michael de Adder

Fire on Ice: Why Saskatchewan Rules The NHL

ISBN 978-1-927097-35-9
Author: Darrell Davis

Road to the NHL

ISBN 978-1-927097-12-0
Author: Philip Croucher

Eva and Me

ISBN 978-1-927097-40-3
Authors: Eva MacIntyre, John MacIntyre

Cooking with Glo

ISBN 978-1-927097-22-9
Author: Glo McNeill

You might be from Saskatchewan if...

ISBN 978-1-927097-21-2
Authors: Carson Demmans, Jason Sylvestre

Red Sky at Night

Author: Vernon Oickle

ISBN: 978-1-9269161-0-1

Canadian Armed Forces

Author: Art Montague

ISBN: 978-1-9269160-9-5

Made in Manitoba

Author: Bill Redekop

ISBN: 978-1-9269161-1-8

Vancouver Island Book of Musts 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-1772760156
Author: Peter Grant

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