Beaches of Lunenburg Queens

ISBN 978-1-927097-52-6 (pbk.)

Vernon Oickle

One of Nova Scotia's great historians, J. Murray Beck, describes Nova Scotia as jutting out into the North Atlantic like some giant lobster-shaped pier. Indeed it is connected to mainland North America by a small isthmus only 24 km across. The province's average width is only 128 km, and you are never more than 56 kilometers from the ocean.

The most distinguishing feature of the Nova Scotia landscape is the shoreline . . . all 7,579 kilometers of it. Every area of the province boasts beautiful beaches, and it is no surprise that each community thinks its beach or beaches are better than everywhere else. This is a celebration of the beaches of the South Shore.

The South Shore is beach country.

"Constantly shifting and being shaped by the sea, our beaches are living shorelines enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. No one knows this better than Vernon Oickle. This collection is a fantastic celebration of Mother Nature's best works of art." ­— Donna Hatt, White Point Beach Resort

Veteran newspaper journalist Vernon Oickle is the author of more than 20 books. He resides in Liverpool with his family where he began working in the community newspaper business in 1980.


Release Date: October 2013