You might be from Saskatchewan if...

ISBN 978-1-927097-21-2
Authors: Carson Demmans, Jason Sylvestre

FUNNY . . .

"You Might Be From Saskatchewan If... is a funny book! It is also a heartwarming reflection on the culture of my favorite place in the world: Saskatchewan."

—Jack Semple, musician and two-time Gemini Award nominee.



"I found my self chuckling consistently at this book......and I'm not from Saskatchewan."

-Ron Ferdinand, DENNIS THE MENACE Sunday artist.


You Might Be From Saskatchewan If... is a delightful, illustrated romp through The Land of the Living Sky. From one of the best gag and comic writers in the country and an up and coming Saskatchewan illustrator, this is a book that tickles the funny bone on every page. Carson Demmans' punch lines and Jason Sylvestre's bang-on illustrations reveal a province that is proud of who it is and likes nothing better than a good laugh.