You Might Be From New Brunswick If...

ISBN 978-1-927097-65-6
Michael de Adder


"Michael de Adder is one of those rare satirists whose work transcends the moment – so much so, that readers recall de Adder toons with glee months and years after they were published. De Adder stands in the first rank of editorial cartoonists in Canada. His cartoons may be sharp or subtle, but they are all laugh-out-loud funny."

— Eric Marks, Saint John Telegraph-Journal


"Being a New Brunswicker, I always was proud of the history and culture. This book made me smile and remember why I love this province so much and moved back here after my baseball career was done. This book is a hit with me."

— Matt Stairs, 2008 World Series Champion


You Might Be From New Brunswick If is a tribute to author de Adder's home province. It induces guffaws from New Brunswick expats, and brings a tear to the eye of anyone who loves the Picture Province. There is a surprise on every page as de Adder joyfully reminds us who we are and why we keep coming home.

"Details are important, that's where the devil is hiding. So the fact that we have invented the chocolate bar is probably as important as the big ax in Nakawic or the big lobster in Shediac, which always reminds me that we live in a land of giants and that we were born to show the way for we see from far away."

Herménégilde Chiasson, poet, playwright, and former Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick.


Release Date: September 2014