TURNING POINTS: 15 Pivotal Moments in Nova Scotia's History

ISBN: 978-1-77276-118-4
Paul Bennett

TURNING POINTS:15 Pivotal Moments in Nova Scotia's History

Paul Bennett tells the history of Nova Scotia through 15 key turning points. From Nova Scotia's problems with Confederation to wartime Halifax, the Springhill Mining Disaster, Viola Desmond and Ray Ivany's 'Now or Never' report, Bennett recounts these decisive moments

that have shaped the province's destiny.

With rarely seen photography, Bennett shows how these turning points helped define the Nova Scotia we live in today. Each episode helped forge the province's identity, change its trajectory, and shape its collective sense of purpose.


Paul Bennett's Turning Points is sure to challenge the comfortable assumptions held by insiders and outsiders about Nova Scotia. Bennett reminds readers that this province is dynamic, diverse, often frustrating, and always interesting.

— Stephen Henderson, Assistant Professor, Department of History and Classics, Acadia University.


Nova Scotia has always been a small place where big things happen. In Turning Points: 15 Pivotal Moments in Nova Scotia's History,

Paul Bennett has taken the singular events in its stirring history and connected them together to tell the bigger story of Canada's

oldest province.

— John DeMont, columnist (Halifax) Chronicle Herald and author The Long Way Home: A Personal History of Nova Scotia.


In Turning Points: 15 Pivotal Moments in Nova Scotia's History Paul Bennett explores some of the most important, and contentious,

episodes in the history of Nova Scotia. Bennett has written an accessible and entertaining book that highlights his sharp wit, strong

opinions, and knowledge of the history of the province.

— Blake Brown, Professor, Department of History and Atlantic Canada Studies, Saint Mary's University


Dr. Paul W. Bennett, Ed.D. is a Halifax author, education policy researcher, and well-known news commentator. He is director of Schoolhouse Institute, founding Chair of researchED Canada, and the author of nine books. His blog, Educhatter, was honoured in 2018 with the Gold Medal as Top Education Blog in Canada.

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