THE BLUENOSERS' BOOK OF SLANG: How to talk Nova Scotian

ISBN: 978-1-77276-093-4
Vernon Oickle


How to talk Nova Scotian

Nova Scotia is blessed with a rich language. It is literally littered with words and expressions that vary from county to county, and town to town. From a dog's breakfast, to blowin' a gale, bed lunch, giv'er, fill yer boots, dough funkers, back-ass-wards and right some good, Nova Scotia Slang will introduce you to a whole new language.

You know you speak Nova Scotian when . . .

• You've just made a hodgepodge.

• You caught your toe on the carpet and went arse over kettle.

• You know you've got a right nice car.

• Your mother is a bag of nerves after that near miss on the highway

this morning.

• You describe that really bad smell in your basement as being fowsty.

• Your kid is acting like a fart in a mitten.

• You are experiencing a severe case of the flying axe handles this morning.

Vernon Oickle is an international award-winning journalist, editor and writer. He is the author of 28 books, including Red Sky at Night, Nova Scotia Outrageous Outhouse Reader, Ghost Stories of Nova Scotia and the bestselling series of books based on the saying, "One Crow Sorrow ..." Maritime folklore, superstitions and traditions are his passion. Vernon continues to reside in Liverpool where he was born and raised.