Strange Saskatchewan

ISBN 978-1-927097-77-9
Carson Demmans and illustrator Jason Sylvestre

GREAT . . .

"I had no idea that horses, in Saskatchewan, are considered 'cattle.' I also didn't know that this land- locked province was named after a body of water, or that the offense and defense of the 1945 Roughriders had so few jerseys that they had to share. Those strange stories, and many more, can be found inside this great book. Get ready to learn and be entertained!!"

— Dan Reynish, Saskatchewan Weekend, CBC Radio


"With the same wonder, wisdom and wit that made the You Might Be From Saskatchewan if . . . series a runaway hit, this compilation of strange Saskatchewan stories is as much history as a fascinating walk through what makes this great province and its people so compelling. It's an assortment of truly fascinating and often weird stories that never grows old."

— John Gormley, Rawlco Radio talk show host and bestselling author of Left Out and The Gormley Papers


delightful and, yes, STRANGE romp through a unique land. From the legend of the Turtle Lake Monster to the 8-foot giant Edouard Beaupré and the famed St. Louis Light, this is a book that will amuse and intrigue you on every page. From one of the province's best writers and its most compelling illustrator comes this instant classic. Welcome to Strange Saskatchewan.


Release Date: June 2015