Saskatoon: A History in Words and Pictures

Amy Jo Ehman

In 1889, Saskatoon was no more than a few wooden houses and false-fronted shops. There were no bridges, no railway, or even a school. There was little reason to believe Saskatoon would be much different than any other Prairie town. Saskatoon not only survived, it thrived. Saskatoon tells the story of the dreams and determination of the people that built this city into the most dynamic city on the Prairies.

Amy Jo Ehman was born in Saskatoon and grew up on the family farm 150 kms away from there. Her first art gallery, first train ride, first perogie, and first picnic were in Saskatoon. She studied at the University of Saskatchewan and worked as a news reporter at the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix and CBC Radio & TV. She has two previous books, Prairie Feast: A Writer's Journey Home for Dinner and Out of Old Saskatchewan Kitchens. Amy Jo lives in Saskatoon. Amy Jo loves Saskatoon.

Release Date: May 2017