Saskatchewan Hockey: The Game of Our Lives

ISBN: 978-1-77276-110-8
Edited by Allan Safarik

Saskatchewan Hockey: The Game of Our Lives

More hockey players come from Saskatchewan than any other place in Canada. From dugout and pond hockey on farms in rural Saskatchewan to hockey in First Nations communities, small-town rinks and urban arenas, this collection from some of Saskatchewan's best writers illustrates the prairie passion and devotion to the game called hockey.


In Saskatchewan, people trust and rely on each other to achieve success. That kind of teamwork is learned and emulated in the game of hockey that all hold deep in their hearts. The writers in this volume bring that passion to light. Saskatchewan Hockey is a tribute to the values of the people of the province.

— Mike Babcock, Head Coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs


Hockey in Saskatchewan is woven into our being as tightly as the letters on our hockey jerseys are stitched to our backs. The way Allan has woven together this patchwork of stories, poems and essays is a blanket of nostalgia like a cup of coffee or cocoa held tight to warm your hands at rink side.

— Hayley Wickenheiser, Olympic Gold Medalist and first woman to play full-time professional hockey in a position other than goalie

Featured writers include Bill Boyd, Kelley Jo Burke, Mick Burrs, Lorna Crozier, Robert Currie, Calvin Daniels, Darrell Davis, Wes Fineday, Myrna Garanis, Gerald Hill, Gary Hyland, Don Kerr, Randy Lundy, Laurie Muirhead, Dolores Reimer, William Robertson, Mansel Robinson, Allan Safarik, Stephen Scriver, Glen Sorestad, Rudy Thauberger, Maureen Ullrich and Brenda Zeman.

Front cover painting "Practising for the Game" by Allan Sapp