Out of Old Saskatchewan Kitchens

ISBN 978-1-927097-61-8
Amy Jo Ehman


"This blending of characters, recipes and stories serves up a menu of home. In the tradition of iconic Canadian food writers Anita Stewart, Marie Nightingale, and Edna Staebler, Amy Jo Ehman has penned a culinary classic."

— dee Hobsbawn-Smith, chef and award-winning author

"This is an amazing glimpse into the food we ate and the people who prepared it."

— Gordon Barnhart, historian and former Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan

Out of Old Saskatchewan Kitchens is the story of the people and the food they prepared. Saskatoons to sauerkraut. Bannock to baked beans. Out of Old Saskatchewan Kitchens is a tantalizing blend of pioneer cuisine and rich culinary heritage dating back to the fur trade and beyond. With dozens of photos, it is a window into life as it was then. If you want to know what life was really like in early Saskatchewan, come to the table with us.


Release Date: September 2014