Nova Scotia Outstanding Outhouse Reader

ISBN 978-1-927097-66-3
Vernon Oickle


"How I wish the Nova Scotia Outstanding Outhouse Reader had been around years ago when I was a new immigrant to Nova Scotia. It is a goldmine of information, with a 'Wow, I didn't know that' on almost every page.

"This is the perfect volume to shed light on the province's colourful and intriguing back story."

— Susan B. Borgensen, author of Light Cycle

The Nova Scotia Outstanding Outhouse Reader is filled cover to cover with interesting facts, statistics, and informative snippets about our province. Do you know when and where the first road was built in Nova Scotia? Or that the first movie ever filmed in Canada was filmed here? When the last public execution was held in Nova Scotia? Whether your interest is sports, politics, architecture, or people, you'll find something new here.

Release Date: August 2014