More Ghost Stories of Nova Scotia

Vernon Oickle
ISBN: 978-1-77276-132-0

Are you still afraid of things that go bump in the night? Do you still think someone is watching you even though no one is there? Do doors and windows still open and close on their own? Do you still see people in your home even though you know you are alone? If you answer yes to even one of these questions, then More Ghost Stories of Nova Scotia will make you want to call a friend.

Picking up where 2015's Ghost Stories of Nova Scotia left off, veteran ghost story author Vernon Oickle brings to life more of Nova Scotia's intriguing tales of the paranormal, many of which have never been shared before.

"Vernon Oickle's short vignettes are proof positive that Neil Gaiman was right when he said, 'Fear is a wonderful thing, in small doses.' These titillating tales will make your spine tingle. While some speak of old tragedies and sorrowful losses, the beauty of these masterfully told anecdotes of ethereal encounters is that they, again quoting Gaiman, 'can do nothing to hurt us,' and everything to delight lovers of eerie local lore."

— Chris Benjamin, editor and author of
Indian School Road, Eco-Innovators and Drive-by Saviours

"As someone who has investigated paranormal locations throughout the Maritimes, I loved reading Vernon Oickle's latest book, as well as all of his previous works. The tales he tells in this collection are haunting and eerie, and may even convert some of you so-called non-believers. It's always great seeing our folklore and local stories celebrated and being kept alive by authors like Vernon Oickle."

— Earl Lattie, founder Paranormal Investigations of Nova Scotia

Vernon Oickle is an international award-winning journalist, editor and writer. He is the author of 30 books, including Red Sky at Night, Nova Scotia Outrageous Outhouse Reader, Strange Nova Scotia, Bluenosers' Book of Slang and Ghost Stories of Nova Scotia. Maritime folklore, superstitions and traditions are his passion.

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