Made in Manitoba

Author: Bill Redekop

ISBN: 978-1-9269161-1-8

Best of the Open Road Stories

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Redekop initially turned down the gig of rural reporter with the Winnipeg Free Press because he thought the paper didn't treat rural reporting like a real beat.

In then end, though, Free Press managing editor Nicholas Hirst set it up in such a way that gave the rural reporter independence and freedom to roam this wonderful province. It was an offer Redekop couldn't refuse. If Hirst saw Redekop in the office, he kicked him out. And Manitobans have been eternally grateful to him ever since.

From wolves, coyotes, snapping turtles and deer to the naked farm fields, Redekop has witnessed the incredible diversity of the Manitoba landscape. He has seen the slow motion collapsing of trapezoid farm buildings, the rusted vintage car on the edge of a field, and the family photos on the fridge door.

So, too, has he seen the busy cafe at coffee time, the "Be Back Soon" signs in shop windows, the rubber tire from a tree overhanging a little river, the coiling, caramel-coloured flypaper hanging from the ceiling with its catch for all to see. And then, of course, there are the people. They animate the Open Road and together we get to know them as we might a neighbour.

Hop on board and come on along for a wonderful ride. It is time to hit the Open Road.