Learning Lunenburg: 100 Ways of Being in a Small Community

ISBN 978-1-927097-96-0
Brian Arnott

"A well written book that provides a portrait of an exceptional small town. 'Learning

Lunenburg' will be inspiration for anyone interested in better understanding the meaning of community."

— Rankin MacSween, President and CEO New Dawn Enterprises Ltd., Sydney, NS

"Most of the world only knows Lunenburg as the gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage Site. This book reveals a far deeper and richer story."

— Margie Zeidler, Urbanspace, Toronto

Lunenburg is a famous icon of Atlantic Canada. Images of its evocative streetscapes and its handsome architecture have graced innumerable Canadian publications. But with Learning Lunenburg, Brian Arnott has tried to capture the essence of the town that has become his late life hometown. He and his colleagues have devised a sort of urban lexicon, and they have used it here to bring to our attention the complex contemporary reality of this historic town — a reality that encompasses its spectacular appearance, but which also seeks to probe deeply beneath its handsome surface.

Brian Arnott, is a partner in Novita Interpares, Canada's oldest Cultural Consultancy. He has written widely on cultural policy and is a specialist in several fields of Canadian industrial history. Brian is a founding director and past national president of the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals. He has been a recipient of Canada Council awards both as a writer and as a designer. He lives in Old Town, Lunenburg, with his partner Leslie Wright with whom he also shares stewardship of two unique commercial ventures — Luvly In Lunenburg and The Lunenburg Makery.