Hey Long Island … Do U Remember?

Stacy Mandel Kaplan, Kimberly Towers, Scott J. Mandel and Jordan Kaplan 
ISBN: 978-1-77276-169-6

With more than 130 photographs, many of them seen here for the first time, Hey Long Island... Do U Remember? offers a stunning portrait of this one-of-a-kind location. 

This book brings to life Long Island’s iconic people and places, including cherished memories of culture, music, food, fashion, festivals, businesses, amusements, sports, estates, art, and landmarks. These nostalgic and historic images and stories reveal a window into the past, showing life as it was then, and how life became what it is today. 

Hey Long Island … Do U Remember? began in 2008 when lifelong friends from Oceanside, New York, started a Facebook group to share pictures and history of Long Island’s memorable places and landmarks. It is now one of Facebook’s largest New York history groups with more than 150,000 members sharing pictures and information about Long Island’s incredible past.




This book captures so many amazing memories of growing up on Long Island, and shares cool stories, some you may know, some you’ll learn about for the first time. Hey Long Island... Do U Remember? brings our history to life through unique pictures that make you want to turn each page to see, remember, and learn more. Long Island is my home, I love it, and it deserves to be celebrated.

— Joe Rock, musician and WBAB Radio Personality


Long Island is truly a place like no other, and these pages burst with a deep history that showcases Long Island’s past and present with beautiful photographs and wonderful stories. It brings Long Island’s history to life and is indispensable for anyone who loves and appreciates Long Island, as I do.

— Ernie Canadeo, Chairman of the Board, Long Island Music Hall of Fame


The photographs and stories of Hey Long Island... Do U Remember? share with us a collective history about where we live, work, worship, volunteer, and play. Reading this book lets us vividly imagine the past and envision our future. Grab a copy and experience why Long Island is

such a special place to call home.

— Ray Thomas, advisory board member of PinkTie.org


Hey Long Island... Do U Remember? gives us the chance to cherish our local history as we remember it, but also reveals the history most of us never knew. Every person with a connection to Long Island will love this book.

— Vanessa Nastro, Archivist and Special Collections Curator, The History Center, Port Washington Public Library