Deep Freeze Winter 2015

ISBN 978-1-927097-95-3
John MacIntyre

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"Something to tell the grandkids, I lived through the winter of 2015, the snowiest on record."

— Dr. Adam Fenech, University of Prince Edward Island Climate Lab

Taken from January through April, the winter of 2015 was the coldest and snowiest winter on record. Records were broken everywhere (and that is with records going back to 1871), from record low temperatures to beating that benchmark for whiteness, White Juan. In a normal winter, the region gets about 1.5 storms with a snowfall greater than 25 cms. In 2015, there were eight.

Globally, it was the warmest winter on record, except for a narrow band stretching from Iqaluit to Florida. Go Figure. This was a winter that for two months was the most punishing in our recorded history. It threw everything at us. It was a boxing match that went 15 rounds.


Release Date: October 2015