Abandoned Alberta II

Joe Chowaniec
ISBN: 978-1-77276-176-4

In Abandoned Alberta II, Joe Chowaniec continues his travels in Wild Rose country, uncovering yet even more hidden gems. These extraordinary images provide a window into the past, stirring in us the emotions of wonder and curiosity about those who have gone before us and the lives they lived. Where others may see only decay and rot in these abandoned places, Chowaniec sees stunning beauty.

From barns located in the rolling foothills of the Rocky Mountains to homesteads in the badlands around Drumheller, discover the rich history and untold stories of abandoned places. Visit the stone hall near Shandro, the ghost towns of southern Alberta, Ogilive Flour Mill in Medicine Hat and the Sunnyslope Sandstone Shelter near Three Hills, it is all here.

This is a photographic journey that will take you from one corner of the province to the other. Come along for the ride. You will be glad you did.



There is a palpable sense of emotion one feels when looking at Joe’s images of abandoned places. With these photographs, I see quiet beauty. What once was new, vibrant, or busy is now still and reclaimed by nature. There is an elegant peacefulness in his work.

— Brian Skerry, National Geographic Photographer


More than just images of buildings, but of a way of life captured that has gone forever. Hard, tough, beautiful. A time when people lived more in tune with nature.

— Jane Goodall, DBE