Nova Scotia Book of Musts

ISBN: 978-0-9784784-2-1

Author: Allan Lynch

“As Allan Lynch writes in his new Nova Scotia Book of Musts, our province is one of superlatives – from the highest tides to the oldest dinosaurs to the biggest spectacles. Why not stay home and explore?”
-Carla Allen, The Vanguard

PROUD . . .
“Unashamedly proud of our history and natural beauty, Lynch writes about such topics as our famed coastline, folk art, museums, graveyards, festivals, and music, and of course, lighthouses and seafood. The consummate traveler and writer combined both of those skills to produce this guidebook.”
-Christine Soucie, Chronicle Herald

“The Nova Scotia Book of Musts is a light-hearted look at dozens of things that make this province special.”
-Virginia Beaton, Trident


From the Cabot Trail in October to rafting the highest tides to drinking beer and singing ‘Barrett’s Privateers’ on the Halifax waterfront to looking in on Annapolis Royal, one of the most interesting townscapes in North America, this is the MUST list every Nova Scotian MUST have. From waterfalls you can literally enjoy to yourself to the hidden pleasures of a county fair, it is all here.

We also get well known and not so well known Bluenosers from across the province to weigh in with their MUST lists. Singer-songwriter Jimmy Rankin, Clearwater CEO John Risley, the Trailer Park Boys’ Jonathan Torrens and writer Frank Macdonald all have secret places you simply MUST visit.

This is the ultimate insider MUST list. If you love Nova Scotia, you simply MUST have the Nova Scotia Book of MUSTS.