Alberta Book of Musts

ISBN: 978-0-9810941-2-0

Author: Dina O'Meara


From chilling out on the Columbia Icefields, to munching on sweet potato fries at Dadeos, to rappelling through Rat's Nest cave, to line dancing at a free pancake breakfast or rocking out at the Labatt's Blues Festival, this is the MUST list every Albertan MUST have. From buying sausages in Seven Persons to finding the coolest late night eateries in Calgary, it's all here.

We also get Albertans ­ famous and not so famous ­ from across the province to weigh in with their own MUST lists. Fly fishing guru Jim McLennan, Alberta icon Peter Lougheed, Olympian Melissa Hollingsworth and gold medal chef Hayato Okamitsu all have secret places you simply MUST visit, as do Gwyn Morgan, Catherine Ford, Crystal Plamondon and Holger Peterson. This is the ultimate insider MUST list. If you love Alberta, you simply MUST have the Alberta Book of Musts.