Nova Scotia Book of Everything

ISBN: 978-0-9784784-3-8
Authors: John MacIntyre and Martha Walls

Everything you wanted to know about Nova Scotia and were going to ask anyway

"A marvelously eclectic compendium — historic, contemporary, geographic, economic, meteorological, sociological, anthropological, political, positive, negative, important, trivial and just plain fun — that goes a long way to explaining who we are."
—Stephen Kimber, author of Sailors, Slackers, and Blind Pigs: Halifax at War

"I wanted to see if the contents lived up to the front cover boast that it included everything you wanted to know. I read it cover to cover. This is a book worthy of a series."
—Fred Hatfield, Yarmouth Vanguard


From the number of kilometers of coastline to the stories behind those weird place names (hello Ecum Secum) to profiles of Joe Howe and Alexander Keith, there is no book as comprehensive as the Nova Scotia Book of Everything. There is also no book more fun. Well known Nova Scotians like Premier Rodney MacDonald weigh in on subjects like the five Nova Scotians he admires most; Ashley MacIssac tells us his five greatest Nova Scotians; Joel Plaskett gives up his favorite hangouts. The worst weather, Nova Scotia slang, the greatest's all here!

Whether you are a life long resident or visiting for the first time, there simply is no other book that delivers the goods. If you love Nova Scotia, you'll love the Nova Scotia Book of Everything.

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