New Brunswick Book of Everything

ISBN: 978-0-9738063-2-8

Author: Martha Walls

Everything you wanted to know about New Brunswick and were going to ask anyway

"This is the closest readers are likely to get to a New Brunswick encyclopedia... It's all here, from minute biographies of the province's biggest names to Guinness Book of Records-type superlatives, recording New Brunswick's best, worst, and firsts."
— Eric Marks, New Brunswick Reader

"The result is an entertaining publication that deserves a spot on every New Brunswick bookshelf."
— Marty Klinkenberg, Saint John Telegraph Journal


From the number of kilometers of coastline, to the stories behind those weird place names (hello Skeedaddle Ridge) to profiles of Stompin' Tom and Frank McKenna, no book is more comprehensive than the New Brunswick Book of Everything. No book is more fun.

Well-known New Brunswickers weigh in on a whole range of subjects – Arthur Doyle's five most memorable New Brunswick political scandals; meteorologist Claude Cote tells us his five biggest New Brunswick weather stories, and David Ganong tells us his five favourite memories of growing up in New Brunswick. Stories of the First People, the worst weather, New Brunswick slang, the most infamous crimes . . . it's all here!

Whether you are a life long resident or visiting for the first time, there simply is no other book that delivers the goods. If you love New Brunswick, you'll love the New Brunswick Book of Everything.