Montreal Book of Everything

ISBN: 978-0-9738063-7-3

Author: Jim Hynes

Everything you wanted to know about Montreal  and were going to ask anyway

HOME RUN . . .
"You'd have to be foolishly ambitious or ludicrously naive to attempt a book of "everything" about a city that has dizzying diversity. Judging by the finished product, Jim Hynes is neither one nor the other, hitting a home run with the Montreal Book of Everything."
— Hour Magazine

"Readers will have a tough time putting down the Montreal Book of Everything by Montreal journalist Jim Hynes, with its myriad list of Montreal factoids, such as the five coldest days in recorded history, and colourful, opinionated offerings, such as Wiseguy Wally's top five underworld characters and French swear words, all presented in a breezy format."
— Concordia University Magazine


From early Catholic mission to fur trade capital to Sin City to the Big O, Cirque du Soleil and the Habs to profiles of Mordecai Richler, Jean Drapeau, the Bronfman dynasty and Maurice "Mom" Boucher, no book is more comprehensive than the Montreal Book of Everything. And since it's Montreal, no book is more fun!

Well-known Montrealers weigh in on every aspect of their city. Luc Robitaille's five reasons he loved playing hockey in Montreal, Dinu Bumbaru's five architectural oranges and lemons, Bryan Demchinsky's five literary must-sees, Lewis Cohen's five favourite outdoor shooting locations, legal scholar and McGill professor Margaret Somerville's five reasons she loves living in Montreal. From French curse words, the cruel weather,Montreal strongmen, the greatest crimes, places to hang out—it's all here.

If you love Montreal (and everyone does), you'll adore the Montreal Book of Everything.