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Saskatchewan's One Book, One Province

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Out of Old Saskatchewan Kitchens by Amy Jo Ehman was celebrated during the month of March as Saskatchewan's official One Book, One Province selection for 2018. 

The One Book, One Province selection committee said Out of Old Saskatchewan Kitchens was chosen for its potential to promote an understanding of the province's heritage through its food, while appealing to a broad, diverse, and contemporary audience. Out of Old Saskatchewan Kitchens is the story of the people and the food they prepared. The book is a tantalizing blend of pioneer cuisine and rich culinary heritage dating back to the First Nations and beyond. With dozens of photos, it is a window into life as it was then.

McNally Dinner with Deborah McConkey

Amy Jo is pictured above with Deborah McConkey, a librarian with the Saskatchewan Library Association.                     Photo courtesy of Deborah McConkey.

One Book food

Pictured above: some of the amazing food served at the One Book, One Province celebration held recently at McNally Robinson. All recipes are from Out of Old Saskatchewan Kitchens. Photos courtesy of One Book, One Province.

Launched by the Saskatchewan Library Association in 2017, Saskatchewan's One Book, One Province aim is to engage Saskatchewan residents with their communities through a shared story, while at the same time creating a reading culture and raising the profile of libraries and literacy organizations in the province.

Amy at Wheatland Cafe CTV CJ Katz

Pictured above: Amy Jo on the set of Wheatland Cafe, a cooking show on CTV, with the host CJ Katz. Photo courtesy of CTV.

Out of Old Saskatchewan Kitchens has been a perennial bestseller since it was first published in 2014.

I Met an Elk in Edson Once

Dave Kelly Elk

An elk in underwear: Dave Kelly explores Alberta in new children's book.

- Eric Volmers, Calgary Herald

Dave Kelly was nine years old when he got his first glimpse of Alberta.

He was living in Ottawa at the time, although he wouldn't be for long. It was in the 1970s and his father was planning to take the clan to Calgary where he hoped to find work.

Kelly remembers looking at some flyers about his new home. To a nine-year-old, it almost seemed like a mythical land.

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Ghosts, Goblins and Ghouls


Liverpool's Vernon Oickle has just published a new anthology called Where Evil Dwells: The Nova Scotia Anthology of Horror. He will be holding a book reading and signing on Dec. 16 at the Queens County Museum. - Laura Churchill Duke- Queens County Advance

Latest anthology by Liverpool author focuses on the supernatural

LIVERPOOL - From ghosts, monsters and legends to the macabre and fantastical, Where Evil Dwells: The Nova Scotia Anthology of Horror will frighten, intrigue and change the way you think about the supernatural. This is the premise of Liverpool's Vernon Oickle's newest book.
Where Evil Dwells is a collection of work produced by a mix of writers. Oickle says he edited the book and also contributed a short story to the book.


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